Why You Don’t Have Your Desires

Have your desires

I firmly believe that there are two main reasons why you don’t have your desires right now. The first is that you aren’t ready to appreciate them fully, and second because you are not disciplined enough. That sounds harsh but once you hear my reasoning, you’ll understand exactly what I’m talking about.

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Why You Don’t Have Your Desires

My personal belief is that you don’t have the things you really want in life because the powers at be, whether it is God, The Universe, or whatever higher power you believe in, doesn’t think you are ready for them. Do you deserve them? Of course you do! I just believe that it’s not time for you yet, but it’s coming. This is why I feel it’s not the right time.

You Are Not Ready To Appreciate Them Fully

I know what you are thinking, “Shane you are ridiculous! If I had my main desire I would appreciate the hell out of it right now!” Let me put things in perspective. Think about all the things you have right now. Your house, your car, your job, your spouse, your kids, your wisdom, whatever it is. Now think back 10 years ago to a younger you who didn’t have those things but wanted them so badly. Your biggest desire was to have a house of your own. Or maybe it was to have kids or be in a loving relationship. Maybe it was to have a work from home job so you could spend more time with your kids.

If I went back in time and I said to you, “would you fully appreciate having these things that you desire?” You would probably say enthusiastically, “Hell yeah I would appreciate them!” Fast forward to today, now that you’ve had these things for some time, do you still appreciate them with as much enthusiasm as you did back then? Probably not! And you didn’t even have them! My point is that we appreciate things more, when we don’t even have them!

How To Show More Appreciation

To get the thing or things that you truly desire, the thing that you are most meant to have, the thing you have been dreaming about, you must fully appreciate them, even after you’ve had them for years. So how can you build up this enthusiasm and show God, the Universe, or the Higher Power that you believe in, that you are ready to appreciate your desires fully? By being grateful now for the things you have. For appreciating fully, the things that you have, with the same enthusiasm as you did when you first wished for them. When you can be content, grateful, happy, and fully appreciate everything you have in your life, even if your work from home job is a pain in the ass, you will be ready to fully appreciate any other desire when it comes to you.

If you want to know how to be grateful now, and show full appreciation for what you have now, click the link below:

You Are Not Disciplined Enough Yet To Have Your Desires

Another reason why you may not have received your desires yet is because you are not disciplined enough for them. I don’t mean that you are not disciplined at all, I just mean not disciplined enough for your specific desires. Here is what I mean.

Business Example

Say you want to have a successful business and work for yourself. You want to work your own hours, etc. Well the truth is that having your own business takes a lot of work. It takes a lot more time and energy to run a business than it does to go to work every day from 9 – 5, come home and then forget about it. Any successful business owner will tell you that you have to get up very early, and stay up very late, getting your business off the ground. Are you disciplined enough to do that right now? Can you spend more time away from your family, and reduce your current spending to support a business that is earning you no money at first? You must start disciplining yourself now as if you already have the business up and running successfully.

Health Example

Another example is if you desire¬† great health. Many people who get on these crash diets and lose a bunch of weight very quickly, usually gain it back. Why? Because they haven’t had time to develop the discipline it takes to make it a life long lifestyle. They haven’t spent the last 6 months or years getting up at the crack of dawn to make working out a habit. They haven’t spent months or years developing good eating habits. People who lose weight and keep it off consistently, have learned to be disciplined in that area of their life. If I could snap my fingers now and take off 20 pounds for you, do you think you’d be disciplined enough to keep it off? Probably not. You have to break those bad habits, which takes time, and discipline.

How To Be More Disciplined

My advice to you is to start working on the discipline it takes to be able to handle your desire once you receive it. Get up early and do what it takes if that’s necessary. Develop better discipline with money if you desire to have an abundance of wealth. Be more disciplined in your time management, if you want to be free of a 9 to 5 job.

If you want to learn how to be more disciplined, read the article below:

Again, this is my personal belief. I believe that once you pray or ask to have your desires, it’s on the way. It’s just not going to be delivered to you until you are ready to appreciate it fully, and be disciplined enough to keep it.

Do you agree or disagree with me on this? Lets start a discussion in the comments below.