The Power of Your Spoken Words

Power of Your Spoken Words

Your words create your reality. Whatever you put out there in the Universe, will eventually happen. Use the power of your spoken words to your advantage and create a happy, successful life. If you are always speaking negativity, then chances are you aren’t going to live as successful and happy as you could be. On the flip side, if you always speak positive things, you will attract positivity.

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Tips On Using The Power Of Your Spoken Words

1 – Never Again

From this point on, never say anything negative about yourself, your circumstances, or your life. It’s impossible to control your thoughts, but you can control what you say.

2 – Affirmations

Every day, use affirmations to attract your desires or to change things around. If you are going through a rough spot right now, use your words to reverse it. During a financial hardship, say “I live a life of abundance and wealth.” Repeat things like this constantly throughout your day.

3 – Your Power Over Others

The power of your spoken words also extends to those around you. The things you say can easily affect another person’s life. Especially if you have influence over them, such as your kids. Can you think of a time in your life, that a parent or someone who influenced you said something you instantly formed a belief in? I have friends that will never dance in public because when they were a small child, a parent said they couldn’t dance. So they never danced again. Is there something like that in your life?

Your words have extreme power. Use them to your advantage. Speak only positive things, and use your words to encourage and uplift others. Remember, never say another negative thing about yourself or your circumstances. Use affirmations daily to attract your desires, and watch what you say around the people you have influence over.