Stress And Anxiety Test: How Stressed Are You?

Anxiety and Stress Test

Stress is an important part of our life. It prepares us for dangers by keeping us focused, giving us extra energy, and raises our alertness. When stress is constant, however, it can have some hazardous effects on our bodies and our lives. Use this quick, 14 question stress and anxiety test to assess your levels.

1. I worry about things that never end up happening.

2. I easily become agitated, frustrated, or moody.

3. How do you feel about your life overall?

4. How often do you feel overwhelmed?

5. Do you wake up feeling exhausted even if you had a full night's sleep?

6. Do you often turn to food to alleviate stress?

7. Do you feel like your life is out of your control?

8. Do you have a hard time quieting your mind or relaxing?

9. Do you suffer often from headaches, muscle pain, or stomach issues?

10. Do you avoid other people in social environments?

11. Do you ever experience a rapid heartbeat or shortness of breath in certain situations or for seemingly no reason?

12. How would you rate your self-esteem and self-worth?

13. I have trouble staying and falling asleep even with no outside interruptions.

14. Do you ever get hot flashes or cold clamy skin suddenly?

What Your Stress and Anxiety Levels Say About You

1 – Joe Cool: Normal Levels of Stress

You scored ‘Normal’ on the Stress and Anxiety test. Great job! Continue to prioritize your well-being. No one is immune so remember to keep doing things daily that help reduce stress and anxiety. This can include meditating, exercising, creating a positive attitude, and avoiding stressful situations.

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2 – Moderate Levels of Stress

Studies show that even moderate levels of stress can lead to higher mortality rates. Your score on this Stress and Anxiety test is better than the worst level, but you are far from safe. It’s very important that you do things right now to get your stress and anxiety levels under control.

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3 – High Level of Stress

You have a high level of stress and anxiety. Which means your body is constantly in a high state of alert. Although this level of alertness is important for serious and dangerous situations, we are not meant to be in this state all the time. You are at a higher risk for sleep problems, digestive issues, memory problems, depression, back pain, headaches and many more conditions. Make it a top priority to get your stress and anxiety in control.

What You Can Do About Your High Levels Of Stress and Anxiety

Your first step is to get familiar with all the dangers and symptoms of stress and anxiety. From there you want to identify and understand your stressors, and finally, act to reduce or eliminate as much stress from your life as possible. I’ve put together some more information below that will help you with these steps.

  1. Read more about the dangers of stress by clicking here.
  2. Download my free stress management worksheet to help you identify your stressors.
  3. Finally, once you have identified your stressors, work to reduce or eliminate them. Click here for ways to reduce or eliminate them.