Life Balance and Self-Care Course


Get more balance in your life and overcome obstacles that are making you feel unfulfilled and unhappy. 

5 Week Live Skype/Phone Session Course

Who This Course Is For

Those of you who feel overwhelmed, stressed, and never seem to have time for yourself. You constantly go, go, go and feel like you’ve given up being who you are for work and/or others.

Without balance and self-care, life can lack joy, fulfillment and just be down right miserable.

What You’ll Learn

Section 1: Assessing Your Life Balance and Self-Care Levels

  • Identify Where You Lack Balance
    • You’ll discover the areas of your life that need desperate attention and how to fix it. You may already have some clues as to how unbalanced some areas are, but you’d be surprised at other areas of your life that may need your care as well.
  • How Do You Really Feel About Yourself?
    • You will take a self-care quiz that will assess just how good you are to yourself. I will coach you around your results and help you come up with an action plan.
  • Where Do You Fall On The Comfort Continuum?
    • Do you need to slow down and do less, or speed up and take action? Are you forever stuck in your comfort zone? Are you spinning your wheels never getting anywhere because you are afraid to take risks? Learn to break free, overcome your fears and accomplish your goals.

Section 2: Who or What is Draining You? What Are Your Specific Needs?

  • What The Heck Is Zapping Your Energy?
    • Get free of energy drainers. Discover actions you can take to overcome the things that make you feel exhausted and tired.
  • Detox Your Toxic Relationships
    • Who we spend our time with has a major impact on our lives. Gain awareness on exactly who in your life is uplifting and who is draining. Get intentional with whom you spend your time.

Section 3: Taking Actions and Setting Boundaries

  • Learn The Power of NO!
    • You will be given a workbook that will help you learn and implement the power of saying NO. Your priorities and your own goals will suffer until you learn to say that simple two letter word.
  • Learn To Let Go
    • Many people hang on to things that drain their energy and cloud their minds. This prevents you from being truly happy and fulfilled. Find out Why you are holding on and the benefits of letting go and NOT letting go.

What I Need From You

A 5 Week Commitment, Effort, and Honesty

I am here for you, but you have to be here for yourself as well. This is your opportunity to better yourself so put your entire attention and effort into creating a better life. I will meet with you via Skype, or by Phone once a week for 5 weeks at a time that is convenient for you. Each session will be 45 minutes. We will go over your homework assignments, worksheets,  and I will coach you around solutions and effective action plans. Stay committed, give it all you got, and be honest with yourself every step of the way.

Money back Guarantee

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