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How To Be Happier

You and only YOU are responsible for your happiness. I wanted to put that up front because many people miss this. They look for happiness in other things like their spouse, their job, money, friends and so on. So if you are looking at how to be happier, look no further than the person in the mirror. This is a good thing! Because this means that no matter what kind of people you are around or the circumstances you have to deal with, you have all the control when it comes to being happy.

How To Be Happier

1 – Develop Better Habits

It’s time to say goodbye to your bad habits. They hold you back more than anything else in your life. Your dreams, desires, and goals can be destroyed by useless habits. Examine an area of your life in which you want to improve. Is it your health? Is it your relationships? How about your finances? What bad habits in those areas are keeping you back? Take some time and write them down. Once you do this, write down a more productive action you can take instead. Then work on replacing the bad habits with the good ones.

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2 – Get Balanced

When one of my clients or anyone else asks me how to be happier, the first thing I ask them is, “how balanced is your life?” When even one area of your life is neglected,  your overall happiness suffers. You may be a rock star at work, but your relationship is on life support. You may be a great mom and wife, but you don’t have any kind of social life outside those roles. When we live unbalanced, we can feel stuck, in a rut, and unhappy. This is why it is important to find balance in all areas. The first thing you need to do is find out which areas need more care, then get to work. The ‘Wheel of Life’ worksheet is an excellent way to determine your needs.

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3 – Do More For Others

It seems counterintuitive but doing more for others will increase your happiness. Even a simple compliment will do. Scientific studies have shown that when people do something to make others happy, it actually makes them happier. Bring a co-worker a cup of coffee. Call up an old friend who may need a shoulder to lean on. Make a commitment to do something every day and when you can, go above and beyond. Maybe you could volunteer for the homeless shelter or get involved in a worthy cause.

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4 – Blame Yourself

Want to know how to be happier? Start taking responsibility for all your shortcomings and lack in life. You are responsible for your own happiness AND everything else in your life. It’s not your crappy job’s fault. It’s not your cheating spouse, and it’s not your “big-boned” genetics. I know this sounds harsh, but the reality is that you are to blame. The quicker you can truly look in the mirror and say, “I am responsible for the results I have in my life,” the quicker you’ll feel free and on your way to feeling better about your life. Shed that victim mentality now.

5 – Take Care Of Yourself

I know I said giving to others is a great way to be happier (and it is) but taking care of yourself is important as well. This means taking care of your body, mind, and spirit. Do something every single day that improves those areas. Here are some things you can do:

  • Meditate
    1. Meditation quiets your mind and helps you live in the moment. It reduces stress, anxiety, and keeps you focused.
  • Exercise
    1. Exercising not only strengthens your body, but doing so releases endorphins in your body that make you feel happier.
  • Pray
    1. Whether to your God, Universe, or a higher power, give thanks daily for the life you live. It may not feel like it sometimes but someone or something IS looking out for you.
  • Get More Rest
    1. I’m guilty of this one. Waking up tired makes you grumpy and your decision-making abilities suffer.

6 – Do Things That Make You Happy

Duh. It amazes me how many people never really do anything that makes them happy. What makes you happy? Think about it.  How can you incorporate more of these things into your everyday life. Do you enjoy hanging with your friends? Schedule time with them more often. Do you enjoy photography? Join a class or a meetup group. Spend some time doing the things that make you happy.

7 – How To Be Happier With Gratitude

Gratitude for what you have will help you put things in perspective. We often forget the great things we do have in life when we are facing struggles. We magnify our  problems instead of putting them into perspective. Take some time each day to say a gratefulness prayer or write in a gratitude journal. You can be happier right here, right now by pausing to be grateful.

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There is no one right recipe that will show you how to be completely happy in life, but you can learn how to be happier. Follow these strategies and I promise you that you will live a more wonderful, fulfilling life.

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What makes you happy in life?