Fun First Date Ideas

First Date Ideas

Although it might seem like there are a million and one first date ideas available today, it is still not very easy to come up with the best options. The first date is a chance for you to show the other person that you are fun, interesting, easy-going and someone who they would feel comfortable around. Taking all this into consideration can make the choice a little more complicated. To help you through these trying times, you need to stick to the fundamentals of a first date:

First Date Fundamentals

  • Do something that allows for conversation.
  • Something that allows for eye contact.
  • Something that could allow for romance.

With that in mind, here are some simple, yet effective first date ideas that will sweep her off her feet. Or at the very least, give you a better chance for a second date.

First Date Ideas

Take A Walk In The Park

It might sound lame and a little cheap, but if you think about it, going for a romantic walk through the local park makes a lot of sense. For starters, it provides the kind of serenity that will allow for fluid and uninterrupted conversation. Second, there is just something about nature that tends to set people free, and finally, should you run out of things to say, you can just stare at the scenery and come off as a deep thinker.

Go To A Cooking Or Dance Class Together

Your first date should be something that involves a high level of engagement. If you take her to a cooking or a dance class, you will both have time to goof about while learning something. Besides, having something else to focus on that doesn’t quite take your entire concentration off one another is a good way to avoid those awkwardly tense moments that occur when you meet someone new. You will come off as fun, interesting and even eclectic. People like that.

Do Trivia Nights

Again, this takes a lot of the pressure off you as you always have something else to focus on other than the ‘where did you grow up’ kind of conversation. Taking her for a fun trivia night, maybe at your local pub is a wonderful way to know whether or not she is a sore loser or way too competitive.

Go To An Amusement Park

We all have a little child inside us; one that never grows old. Amusement parks have an interesting way of bringing that little child out of us. If you want to share an experience that will remain fresh on someone’s mind, then take her to an amusement park. You will have laughs, fun and be a little childish. It is one of the best ways to forge a bond with someone. One that is not so formal and tense.

First dates do not have to be so tense and formal. You can make them fun and actually give the both of you an opportunity to let loose and enjoy yourselves. Use any of these first date ideas to get her laughing and thinking of you as the new, fun guy.

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