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8 Habits 3d Cover


8 Habits To Be A More Likeable Person

In this eBook, you’ll get 8 habits that you can implement every day to be more approachable, friendly, and admired. 

Power Words 3d Cover

power words

Manage Stress & Anxiety With These 20 Affirmations and 20 Inspirational Quotes

In this eBook, you will learn specific power words that will help you control your stress and anxiety. You will find 20 affirmations and 20 inspirational quotes that will help you deal with stressful situations.

10 Habits to Happiness Cover

10 habits to happiness

Transform Your Life By Adopting These Daily Habits

Happiness doesn’t come from other people or things. It comes from within each one of us. We have the power to become happy on our own regardless of our circumstances. In 10 Habits To Happiness, you’ll find 10 habits that you can apply to your everyday life, that will generate the happiness you deserve!

happiness workbook

Determine What You Need To Do To Live Happy and Successful

The Happiness Workbook is a great resource that I assign to all my new clients because it serves as a situational baseline. There are 6 enlightening activities contained within this book that will help you discover what has been holding you back, what your true desires are, finding balance and so much more!

101 Tweetable Quotes

101 tweetable quotes

Get Inspired By These 101 Inspirational Quotes

Take it a step further and share them with your family and friends via social media. These quotes are tweet ready. Just copy and paste the quote or click the ‘(Tweet Now)’ link and you are all set. The tweets are organized by four categories: Motivation & Productivity, Happiness & Positive Thinking, Self-Esteem & Confidence, and Leadership.

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