7 Simple Ways To Improve Confidence


Unfortunately confidence isn’t something that can be learned overnight. It takes time, practice, and patience. You must retrain your mind to believe on the inside that you are important, confident, talented, and well able. The truth is that you ARE right now. You are perfect the way you are, but you must believe that for yourself. You must work from the inside to improve confidence. Here are 7 tips to help you do that.

1 – Take Pride In Your Appearance

Looking sharp goes a long way to improve confidence. Take some extra time each day to make sure you’re well-groomed and that your clothes are sharp. Iron your shirt and pants, shine your shoes, comb your hair. You’ll look and feel great, and ready to take on any challenge. Spending lots of money on clothes is not necessary. What you have in your closet is fine. Just do your best, to look your best.

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2- Affirm It

Every day you should have an affirmation ritual. Affirm your attractiveness. Affirm your talent. Affirm your confidence. Here are some great affirmations to build confidence:

  • “I am self-reliant, creative and persistent in whatever I do.”
  • “I love challenges. They bring out the best in me.”
  • “I inhale confidence and exhale fear.”

Affirmations will retrain your thought process to think positive.

Daily Affirmations 101

3 – Always Be Prepared

When you know you are well prepared, it’s easy to overcome the fear of failure. Prepare for each day and each event in your life and you’ll improve your confidence.

4 – Know Your Values

When you know your values, you are confident in almost all decisions that you make. If you don’t know your values, you’ll have a hard time making the best choices for you. Which will lead to nothing but frustration. Don’t sway from your principles and values. Know them well, and stick to them.

Why Understanding Your Values is Important

5 – Change Your Demeanor

Stand tall, speak slowly and clearly, and look people in the eye. When you are slumped over and mumbling, not only will you feel less confident, but the people around you won’t take you as serious as they should. By improving your posture, changing the way you speak, and looking people in the eye when you speak, you will begin to feel more confident and convey that to those around you as well.

6 – Exercise

Exercise does wonders to improve confidence. Not only that, but you increase your energy, endorphins boost your mood, and your body image improves.

7- Keep Learning

You must constantly work to improve your knowledge and skills. Whether that be in your career or personal life, you should continue to better yourself. Otherwise, you’ll end up getting left behind in this fast-paced world and you will know it. Your confidence plummets when you feel you are not prepared to take on new challenges.

Confidence is your belief in your abilities, not other people’s beliefs about your abilities. You must tackle that inner voice that is telling you, you are not good enough. You are.

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Shane is a business/life coach, digital marketing specialist, author, speaker, and founder of CreatingTrueHappiness.com. When he is not writing articles, speaking, or working with clients, he spends his time with his wife and three sons.