5 Reasons Reading To Your Kids Is Important

Reading To Your Kids

By the end of the day, most of us are too tired to even think. We work long hours, come home and play with the kids, and when their bed time comes around the only thing on our minds is the “no-kid” quiet time. Well before you rush out of their room after good night kisses to catch up on sleep, sports scores or news, turn yourself around, grab a book and start reading. Why? Well here are 5 reasons reading to your kids is important.

1.) Mental Development

Reading to a young child is crucial to a kid’s mental development. A child’s brain is not fully formed until they are just about 5 years old, so every second hundreds of pathways are being formed. Research shows that this makes reading and talking with your child one of the best ways to develop their minds. It engages their imagination and curiosity, two ingredients for academic success.

2. ) Academic Success

Numerous studies show that reading to your kids is important for academic success. These kids perform far better in all subject areas compared to children who are not read to. One reason for this, is that kids have a better grasp of the English language prior to formal education. Kids can focus more on the subject at hand instead of using more brain power to understand what is being said to them.

3.) Better Communication Skills

Interacting with your kids by reading to them teaches them valuable communication skills. Not only from how to relate and talk with you but from the characters in each story. They will learn what types of behaviors and interactions are healthy and acceptable.

4.) Building A Stronger Bond

Reading to your kids is a nurturing experience that they will never forget. The time you spend together exploring new stories and spending some one on one time builds positive memories. Kids will grow up remembering that their father took the time to sit with them before bed and share a special moment. My kids remember the stories I read to them. Most of the time it was the same book over and over because it was their favorite, but every time they see that book on the shelf or in the store a happy memory pops up for them. As well as for me.

5.) Develops Patience

A kid’s day is full of running around and exploring. Bed time is a perfect time to teach them to slow down and be patient. Sitting still and taking some time listen is a valuable skill. This will also bleed over into school life improving their ability to learn.

Reading to your kids is beneficial in so many ways. These were just several but the benefits don’t just stop with childhood. Your kids are also learning an important parent skill that they can do with their kids. It’s also important to keep reading to your kids even after they start reading by themselves. Continue to develop that strong bond with your child. It’s an experience that both of you will always remember and value.