5 Easy Ways To Overcome Laziness

Overcome Laziness

If you aren’t a teenager you can’t afford to be lazy. You have to get things done. I’m not talking about avoiding any relaxation time or down time. I’m talking about your tendency to sit on your butt most of the time when you should be more productive. If this is you, and you want to change, follow these easy ways to overcome laziness.

1 – Develop Routines

The most productive and successful people in the world do nothing more than have a series of success habits. Create habits and routines every day that will increase your productivity. Once you establish these routines, you’ll get to the point where doing them is automatic. Start with establishing a morning routine. Get up early every morning, meditate, exercise, etc. Doing these little habits will keep you productive all day.

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2 – Stay Organized

When things get cluttered, you can feel overwhelmed and frustrated. I know when this happens to me, it puts me into a slump. I just feel like I can’t catch up so why even try. Do your best to stay organized. Keep your living space and office space tidy. Doing so is a great way to overcome laziness.

3 – Keep Your To-Do List Short

I mean really short. Keep only 2 or 3 items on your must do list. By keeping it short, you have a real chance to complete your list and this will have a major impact on your motivation. When you see your list all checked off, you will feel motivated to get more done the next day. Having long to-do lists is just a disaster waiting to happen. Chances are you won’t get it all checked off and no matter how many items you do complete, your psyche will still see failure.

4 – Schedule Relax Time to Overcome Laziness

Look at your calendar. Do you have ‘Relax’ scheduled? If not, do so. It’s important to actually put this on your calendar. We all need time to relax and unwind and do absolutely nothing. If you go spurts of go-go-go and have no relax time scheduled you’ll end up going through some serious lazy sessions. So schedule your relax time. It’s important.

5 – Take Tiny Steps

When I’m in a lazy spell and I want to snap out of it, I take baby steps. Let’s say I need to get laundry done and I’m sitting on the couch doing nothing or playing video games. I’ll decide to just get up and bring my laundry to the laundry room, then I can go back to being lazy. Then a little bit later, I’ll decide to go put my clothes in the washing machine, etc, etc.  What ALWAYS happens, is that while I’m up, I’ll decide to do a few more things and before you know it, I’m actually getting some serious stuff done. “Well I might as well organize this, or take out the trash..” Give it a try and I guarantee it will work.

We all get lazy sometimes so don’t beat yourself up. When you want to break out of it though, just use the strategies I listed and you’ll be back to your productive self in no time.

What do you do to overcome laziness? Let us know in the comments below.