5 Awesome Apps for Personal Improvement

Apps for Personal Improvement

Technology can either be a pain or a blessing. I have an extensive I.T. background as well as my Life Coaching experience so I’ve seen first hand how it can enable us to do great things, and also give us premature gray hair! Today I want to focus on how technology can be a blessing as far as personal improvement. Yes technology such as our phones can distract us and cause us to slip into procrastination, but there are also some great software applications that can help us achieve great things. So I am going to talk about 5 awesome apps for personal improvement.

1 – MyFitnessPal

When it comes nutrition and calorie tracking, this is number one on the apps for personal improvement list. You can use this app to track your daily caloric intake, water intake, exercise, and even your weight loss progress. I tried other calorie counters but this is far superior. The app has a massive food database and a handy bar code scanner. Just scan the food package and your food will instantly show up. This app also syncs with a website so you don’t have to use your phone all the time. You can pull the site up on your laptop and all of your information is in one location.  Learn more about MyFitnessPal. 

2 – Bliss Gratitude Journal

Practicing gratitude will do wonders to increase your happiness in life. Gratitude increases our energy, protects us from negative emotions, increases our self-esteem, and so on. It is important to think about what you are grateful for and the Bliss Gratitude Journal app helps you do that plus more. It has a bunch of activities that help you look at all the positive things you have in your life.  Learn more about Bliss Gratitude Journal. 

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3 – Loop Habit Tracker

I believe the key to any type of success in life is to form great habits. By incorporating a simple habit in your life, you can accomplish amazing things. The Loop – Habit Tracker app will help keep you accountable to your new habits. After you decide what habit you want to develop, enter it into the app and tell it how many times a week or day you want to do it. The app will keep track for you and will even remind you to perform your habit if you choose. Over time, you can see your success rate for performing your new habit. Keep in mind that it takes about 21 straight days to make a habit almost automatic. Can you make it to 21 days? Learn more about the Loop Habit Tracker. 

*I’m not sure if this app is available in IOS but there are similar apps that rate just as well. Search for Habit Tracker in the App Store.

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4 – Headspace

If you’ve ever wanted to get into meditation but are unsure about where to start or you feel intimidated, Headspace is for you. This app leads you through easy to follow guided meditations. I’ve used this app many times and it is great. It starts with simple techniques and short sessions. If you want to get into more advance meditations, you can opt into a low cost monthly subscription. Learn more about Headspace.

5 – Feedly

Feedly is a blog aggregate app. It’s important to read inspirational and personal improvement blogs every day and Feedly will keep them all in one place. Instead of having to visit your favorite sites individually, you can view all the latest articles in an easy to read layout. There are other apps like this but Feedly is my favorite because it’s simple to manage your blogs and you can add YouTube channel feeds as well. Learn more about Feedly. 

Apps For Personal Improvement Honorable Mentions

  • Luminosity
  • MapMyWalk
  • Google Keep

There are many other great apps for personal improvement but these 5 are my favorites. Download them today and get started.