4 Self-Improvement Worksheets That Will Change Your Life

Self-Improvement Exercises

It’s important for your growth and happiness to have a self-improvement ‘Toolkit’. In this toolkit, keep a list of resources, habits, and tips that you can rely on throughout your life to provide guidance, inspiration, and motivation to keep you on track with your goals. Below are 4 self-improvement worksheets that I recommend you keep in your toolkit.

These are free self-improvement worksheets that I put together for you. They are not intended to solve your issues but instead serve as a situational baseline. Download them, print them, work through them with patience and honesty, and share them if you know someone who would benefit.

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Self-Improvement Worksheets

Wheel Of Life (For Life Balance and Clarity)

Most people who are constantly stressed, suffer from anxiety or feel ‘stuck’, lack balance in their lives. To be truly happy, you must have balance in all areas of your life. Do you have balance? Probably not but I’ll let this worksheet prove that to you. The Wheel of Life Worksheet will help you identify areas of your life that need your attention.

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Discover Your Top Values Worksheet (Better Decision Making)

Whether you realize it or not, your values drive your everyday decisions. Your decisions directly affect the results you get in life, which ultimately affects your happiness. If you do not know your top values, chances are you aren’t making decisions that are the best for you. The Discover Your Top Values Worksheet will help you clarify your most important values and teach you how to use them to create positive change in your life.

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Affirmations Worksheet (For Self-Esteem, Confidence, Law of Attraction)

There is a direct link between what you say out loud and what you attract. If you have heard of the “Law of Attraction” then you know that affirmations are a fundamental part of this concept. Affirmations are a powerful tool to attract positive change in your life but there are rules you must follow. This Affirmations Worksheet will teach you those rules so you can create your own powerful affirmations.

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Breaking Comfort Zones Worksheet (For Confidence & Life Change)

The only way you can truly learn and grow is to get out of your comfort zone. If you want to see real change and growth at an accelerated pace, you must get outside of your little safe box. The Breaking Comfort Zones Worksheet helps you question the things that have been holding you back and what life might be like if you spread your wings a little.

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The effort and thought that you put into these self-improvement worksheets equals what you will get out of them. Take your time and put some thought into the process.

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