10 Ways To Get More Sleep Tonight

Get More Sleep

I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t get enough sleep. My mind is always going 100 million miles an hour and I feel like I always have things to do. I do know that at times throughout my life, when I stuck the following tips, I was able to get more quality sleep. If you are like me, and ready for a change, try adopting some of these strategies to get more sleep starting tonight.

1 – Turn Off All Electronics 30 Before Bed

It takes time for your brain to unwind. Don’t lay in bed at night looking at your phone or watching TV.

2 – Set An Alarm Clock For Bed

Set an alarm clock that will signal your bed time. I know I get caught up doing things at night and lose track of time. If you are the same, setting an alarm will make sure you get to bed on time.

3 – Skip Naps

As adults it’s difficult to have regularly scheduled nap times. So napping at odd times during the day will mess up your sleep/wake cycle. Skip naps and save your resting period for night.

4 – Exercise

People who exercise experience more and better quality sleep. Try to get in exercise every single day.

5 – Cut Back On Caffeine

It’s a never-ending cycle. Too much caffeine prevents you from quality sleep, so you wake up tired craving caffeine to keep you up. Break this cycle and limit yourself to one cup of coffee a day. Try to drink herbal non-coffeinated teas instead.

6 – Avoid Heavy Meals Before Bed

Prevent late night tummy trouble that will keep you up by avoiding heavy meals before bed.

7 – Get More Sleep By Meditating Before Bed

Meditation relaxes both body and mind and puts you in a state of rest. You can lay in your bed at night and do this with the lights and TV off.

8 – Facilitate A Calm Atmosphere

Make sure the time leading up to bedtime is relaxed and calm. Put the kids to sleep, dim the lights, and light some candles.

9 – Create A Nighttime Routine

Having a routine at night will trigger your mind and body to get more sleep. Put together a ritual each night right before you go to bed. Here’s an example: brush teeth, wash face, brush teeth, stretch, meditate, lay in bed.

10 – Listen To Isochronic Tones

This works miracles for me. I often listen to isochronic tones while I meditate at night. With the right frequency, the tones can actually calm your mind and prepare you for sleep. You can find these tones on YouTube or by downloading an app to your phone.

What do you do to get more sleep at night? Let us know in the comments below.