10 Things Every Father Should Teach His Son

Every Father Should Teach His Son

Unfortunately, at this day in age, our sons have some pretty bad role models in the public spotlight. For this reason, among many others, every father should teach his son how to grow into a productive, respectful, and successful man.

10 Things Every Father Should Teach His Son

1 – Respect Women

One of the first things every father should teach his son is to respect women. It starts in the home with his mom. Do not ever let your son talk disrespectfully to his mom. Even if you are divorced. Teach them to respect women by correcting his actions, talking to him about gender equality, and by example. There is no excuse for your son to grow into a man who belittles or thinks less of any woman.

2 – Be a Man Of His Word

When your son says he will do something, then he should always do it. Teach him that your words mean nothing when your actions are the opposite. Hold him accountable throughout his childhood for the things he says and promises.

3 – Create Boundaries

It’s difficult to be a man of your word when you have no boundaries. This is because if you keep promising to do something when you really don’t want to, you’ll end up flaking at times. Instead of doing this, teach your son to set boundaries up front. He needs to learn to say no when he doesn’t want to do something. At an early age, small kids love to say no. As they get to be in their teenage years, however, peer pressure kicks in. Teach him to keep using that powerful two-letter word and to set boundaries.

4 – Keep The Peace / Don’t Make It

I’ve learned the hard way that is it much easier to hold my tongue and keep the peace when I am upset, than to say something mean and hurtful and have to make peace. Every father should teach his son to control his emotions and not say something he will regret. This will help him succeed in any kind of relationship.

5 – Be A Good Listener

A man who is quiet, and listens more than he speaks, is a stronger man than one who is always running his mouth. Don’t be a know it all. Everyone has something valuable to offer and it’s those who listen that are the most successful. Your son will be a better friend, father, husband, and businessman if he takes the time to really listen to others and hear what they have to say. Even if he doesn’t agree.

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6 – Never Compare Yourself

This is a lesson every father should teach his son well before his teenage years. It needs to be hammered into his brain. Many kids get depressed and develop low self-esteem because they compare themselves to others. When they can’t afford the clothes that the popular kid has, or play basketball as well as the all-star jock, for example, they may start to think less of themselves. Teach your son that he is on his own path and he has exactly what he needs for his own journey. He is special just the way he is and he has unique strengths.

7 – Don’t Judge Or Be A Bully

I’m really hard on my kids if I suspect them of bullying or judging others. I know they are not like that at heart but peer pressure is tough. When other kids are teasing, bullying, or judging, then it’s easier for other kids to want to look cool and join in. This is never okay. Let your son know that judging is just a reflection of their own unhappiness and weakness and If your son actually sees bullying take place, he needs to stand up and say something. Then either tell you or another adult who can take action against it.

8 – Be Self-Sufficient

Human beings all need the help of others at times. We are social beings. Your son, however, needs to know how to be self-sufficient and take care of himself. He needs to know how to clean up after himself, dress himself, do his own laundry, and those small things he’ll need to do when he moves out of the house. I know too many young men about to go off to college, that have no idea how to operate a washing machine. Give your son chores and teach him to be able to take care of himself.

9 – Sex

Every father should teach his son about the birds and the bees. This can be uncomfortable but it’s important that your son learn from you instead of his buddies.

10 – Have Fun

Life is hard, but it doesn’t always have to be stressful. Teach your son to spend time doing what he loves no matter how rough things get. It’s important for your son to know that we are here to live and enjoy our lives. Lead by example. Have some fun times with your son and teach him not to worry about things that really don’t matter.

What other lessons do you recommend? Let me know in the comments below.