10 Signs You Have a Bad Friend

Signs of a Bad Friend

Friends are supposed to be there for you no matter what. To give you support when you need it, to be a great sounding board, and to call you out when you are in the wrong. You as their friend are supposed to do the same. It’s a relationship like any other, with give and take. If you tend to be giving a lot more than you receive, chances are your friendship is not as strong as it should be. Here are 10 signs you have a bad friend.

1 – You’re Only Invited When It’s Beneficial For Them

A bad friend will hardly ever invite you to a fun get-together or BBQ but you are expected to attend their jewelry parties or whatever party that requires a purchase.

2 – You Hide Good News

You hide good things from them because they have a tendency to bring you down and make you feel undeserving.

3 – They Don’t “Really” Need Your Support

You get a call or a text message asking for advice but when you give an honest opinion they disappear until their next issue. You didn’t give the correct answer apparently.

4 – They Hold Things They’ve Done For You Over Your Head

Remember that thing they did for you 10 years ago? No? Don’t worry they’ll remind you. And remind you. And remind you.

5 – They Become Amazing Friends When Bad Things Happen To You

You ever notice how your friend wants to get together with you, spend some quality time, and keep going over your life mishaps when you go through a breakup or lose a job?

6 – They Disappear When Good Things Happen

You ever notice how your friend disappears when you find that special someone or get a great job?

7 – They Are Not Interested

Every conversation is about them and you can’t even remember the last time they asked you how your day or even life is going.

8 – They Change Around Other People

When someone else comes around that they want to impress they put you down or leave you to fend for yourself.

9 – They Leave The Party With Someone Else. Oh Yeah and They Were Your Ride

This actually happened to my wife before we met. She had to walk home miles away. Poor thing.

10 – A Bad Friend is Jealous of Your Other Friends

They always put your other friends down and question why you hang around them.

I could go on and on with this list but if your friend is doing these things, it may be time to evaluate your friendship. Friendships are supposed to be strong through the good times and the bad times. If they are not, you may want to put them in the acquaintance category.

What bad friend signs do you want to add to this list? Please share.